Sometimes, a reminder is all we need…… “T’áá hwó ájít’éego t’éíyá ádoonííł.” Nihimásání, nihicheii, nihinálí,…

As Diné, we are connected to one another in a lot of ways. Our clans, our belief in hajíínéí, our traditional ways of life, our relatives, sacred mountains, our language, and so much more.


Our mother earth reminds us that we may live far away from the sacred mountains, she still protects us through our prayers and our connection to nature.


My value is that I carry on the teachings of my grandparents and share what I can with all of my Diné relatives. I share my stories, develop content, produce videos, encourage my relatives to stay connected to who they are as Diné by learning to speak their mother tongue. Stay connected with me!

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